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Re: Dear Truman;

Jude Hall (Hall@cc.denison.edu)
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 14:33:34 -0500 (EST)

Susan Evans wrote: (lots of stuff snipped to save space...)

>I just wanted to throw in a comment of how TWH are viewed out here in So
>Cal, which backs up Truman's comments (and others). Until a few years
>ago, the "big lick" horses were shown in the same shows as the
>Saddlebreds, which I used to own and show. Unfortunately, the abuse was
>so apparent and nobody seemed to care much---it was common to see TWHs
>utterly exhausted (as in lathered, trembling and blowing like a
>locomotive) after a fifteen minute class, (more snipping)

I think this image stays in people's minds, which leads to an
immediate reaction from most folks that TWH don't have good
recoveries or can't go the distance.....

(after more snipping)....
>It seems to me that the examples that are going to do
>the most for the breed in the public's eye aren't the show horses, it's
>the people like Truman and Misty and the others doing CTR and endurance,
>that are demonstrating that these horses can be ridden for more than
>fifteen minutes without blowing them apart.

Absolutely true! Truman has certainly helped me, and a lot of
other people he doesn't even know about, as I tell other gaited
horse owners of he and Misty's accomplishments!

Jude Hall

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