ridecamp@endurance.net: Easyboot virgin...

Easyboot virgin...

Reynolds, Nikki (jakar@aiinc.com)
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 06:03:57 -0800

Hi All,
I've decided to use try using Easyboots instead of padding for rocky
rides. This is my first experience with them, and did a 15 mile
training ride at all gaits through mud, sand, gravel, hills, and water
this week as a test. They stayed on great over his shoes, but filled
with debris. I'm trying to get away from using the Easyfoam to keep
that stuff out on rides, mainly because of the expense and difficulty of
removal afterward. Hey...I just learned to get the doggone things off
without calling the fire dept! I'd like to hear your ideas and also the
year in which the subject is addressed in the archives if anyone knows.
Thanks, Nikki

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