ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Gaited Breeds

Re: Gaited Breeds

Reynolds, Nikki (jakar@aiinc.com)
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 04:43:54 -0800

...The "eggbeater" gait sounds like the
> classic fino of the American Paso Fino (very rapid footfall with
> substantial understride)...

Hi Duncan,
This one's registered Peruvian. Maybe she got one of the show types or
isn't riding him properly.

...I am not sure what is meant by mule like feet...

Steep, boxy shaped feet. Both my Arab and her Peruvian are about the
same size, 15 hands, and maybe 900 pounds, but mine wears a size one
shoe and her's wears a 0.

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