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Re: Spooky arabs

Sandy Skinner (sandys@zianet.com)
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 00:09:20 -0700

Enjoyed your letter Karen & Mark;
Have to tell you about my Spooky Arab. We just started riding our 6
year old (finally) and you couldn't believe this little guy. He acts
like he has been doing it all his life. Nothing fazes him - And he
isn't sluggish or anything like that. Just seems to love to go out
riding. I think the one thing that has brought this about it the way
that he was brought up, plus an even temperament. We take time with all
our babies and let them know we aren't trying to hurt them when we work
with them. Plus we have been doing a lot of John Lyons with them and
they seem to really understand his concept it training.
I think Arabs are generally smart and if they think it is there idea
they are more willing to work with you. They really don't like to be
yelled at in any way. They seem to respond better to kindness than
anything. We have had quite a few Arabs. At least 50 through the years
and generally didn't have to many bad ones. So if people are having
trouble maybe they should look at what and how they are doing things
instead of the horse!
This isn't to much about Endurance but it is about potential Endurance
Horses so just had to give you my opinion on the subject.
Sandy Skinner - sandys@zianet.com

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