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Re: Gaited vs. Arab

Tracy Stampke (zebella@idt.net)
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 16:37:24 -0700

Tracy Stampke wrote:
> Bennett, M. David wrote:
> >
> > Annette wrote
> > >>You also noted that Misty has quite a temperament. Is that necessary for a
> > good endurance horse, do you think? This is why I asked why in the world
> > people would ride the horses I saw being described. If an
> > I-don't-quite-know-how-to-describe-it-without-offending-everyone
> > temperament is a requirement for endurance horses, I can see it will
> > never
> > be a sport I would enjoy. I like being safe! At 46, I don't bounce like
> > I
> > used to, it breaks more easily, and takes longer to heal! I will add
> > that
> > the temperament that I saw in Walkers, not to mention the gait
> > modification
> > practiced in that breed, is why I did not go into them when I left
> > Pasos,
> > and instead went into Mountain Horses.
> > >>
> >
> One of the craziest horses I ever saw on a trail ride was a purebred
> Missouri Fox Trotter gelding, so you can't really generalize by breed.
> There are horses in every single breed that have terrible temperments
> and others that are terrific, you just have to get the good ones!
> I have an arab gelding that I wouldn't trade for anything. When we team
> pen, people come up and ask if he's really an arab....he's usually
> falling asleep by the arena gate. It's amazing what you can accomplish
> with them just by USING them. No horse ever learned much by standing in
> the pasture.
> Anyhow, there must be arabs out there with quiet temperments, because
> they sure have alot of them in the handicapped riding programs here! I
> even read that one particular organization preferred to use arabians.
> tracy

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