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gerhardt (gerhardt@theriver.com)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 17:28:45 -0700

To Jane Sheppard

Hi Jane,

The article that I remembered from Natural Gait News, the breed magazine of
the Rocky Mountain Horse Association, was published in the
September-October, 1995, issue. So the boy would now be 10 or perhaps 11, I
guess. He is Benjamin Moon. He and his dad Dean Moon started training their
Rocky Mountain geldings in 1994 for competitive endurance riding in 25 and
30 mile races. As of November 1994, they had never placed below second in
any of their rides. In 1995, they went into 50 mile rides with their
geldings Choctas (Choci) and Shawnee. They did the American River 50 in
April, 1995, as their first 50 mile race finishing 43rd and 44th out of 64.
One of the horses was disqualified at the next ride for being "inverted" in
respiration to pulse. The next ride was the Indian Diggins 50, where Dean
finished 18 out of 97. Benny's horse was pulled for being "off" in the left
front, although Dean did not believe he was. He felt the vet was unfamiliar
with gaited horses, and remarked that other people complained of being
pulled improperly. They also did the Easter High Sierra Classic. He and
Benny came in 43rd and 44th out of 99, with Benny coming in first in the
junior division ahead of 6 other junior riders. Dean said that they started
riding the Rockies in the competitive endurance rides to see how well they
would perform, as they used to own Arabs. He says that the Rocky Mountain
Horses with the proper conditioning and care were doing well considering it
was only their second year, and it takes three to four years of
conditioning and riding to develop a good endurance horse.

I have not seen any report of whether the Moons continued endurance riding
in 1996 or how they did. The Moons can be contacted at 5220 Grazing Hill
Rd., Shingle Springs, CA 95682, 209-676-9034. I am sure they will be glad
to talk to you about their horses and their experiences with endurance
> From: Jane Sheppard <jane@deltanet.com>
> To: gerhardt@theriver.com
> Subject: Re: Fashion and the market
> Date: Monday, March 10, 1997 11:01 AM
> one
> >of the people doing endurance rides in California on a Mountain gelding
> >only 9 years old.
> >
> Annette, Hi, just out of curiosity, who is the nine year old? If I can
> get a look at the horse I would love to. I have found that Arabs are too
> spooky for me. If I ever change from riding my ponies then I might be
> interested in something like your Mountain horses. Jane

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