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Gaited Horses

Lauren Horn (fourhorn@mail.fia.net)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 16:29:46 -0800

gerhardt wrote:

I have
> really wondered why more people are not flocking to the gaited horses
> generally and Mountain Horses specifically, rather than keep on riding
> horses that they have to stand in the saddle to get away from a body
> pounding trot, instead of a horse that they can sit on in comfort for both
> themselves and the horse.

> ----------

A few people, including John DiPietra (noted endurance rider) have gone
from arabs to the gaited breeds. John rides Missouri Fox Trotters and
races them at a walk and canter. If I'm not mistaken he did very well at
the 20 Mule Team.
Has anyone crossed a gaited horse to an Arab? What are your chances to
inherit the gait?


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