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Patricia Chase (ponies@foothills.eznet.com)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 13:40:04 -0800

Hi Annette,

Thanks for being brave enough to bring up the "unmentionable". I hope you
have a flame-retardant suit! <vbg>

I think the reason so many people ride Arabs for endurance is that there are
so many on them around. There are breeders out there with horses to sell
that are anxious to promote their breed as the "one and only". Some will
even overtly ridicule those who choose another breed.

The gaited breeds *are* more comfortable to ride, and I feel that as their
numbers increase, and as the average age of riders increases, gaited horses
will be seen on the endurance trails in increasing numbers. A gaited horse
can allow riders with back and spinal cord injuries, cancer and other
debilitating illnesses to enjoy endurance riding (and even endurance
racing); and their easy-going disposition and sure-footedness is an asset
for those for whom a fall could mean days or weeks in hospital, or worse.

It's a big world out there, with lots of trails and lots of riders. There
is plenty of room for *all* breeds of horses and mules in our sport. Each
has qualities that appeal to different needs and personalities of riders, so
let's all enjoy each other's breed's beauty and uniqueness without prejudice
and put-downs, eh?

Happy Trails,

Patty and The Roan (1130 miles and still hot-to-paso!)

Rainbow Paso Fino Ranch
Clayton, WA 99110
(509) 233-2283

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