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Re: Fashion and the market

Truman Prevatt (truman.prevatt@netsrq.com)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 13:23:22 -0400

>Is there some reason that I am not aware of that people are not using
>gaited horses for endurance and distance trail riding? Has it been found
>that other gaited breeds do not hold up or are unable to compete over
>distance and time? Could it be because there are so many Arabs around that
>horses can be obtained at dirt cheap prices, as the discussion that has
>been going on shows, whereas gaited horses start at prices that people are
>unwilling to pay? I have seen some horses advertised in this group that are
>in the price range like my horses, $3500 for a yearling filly, $5000 for a
>6 year old mare, so I am not sure that the prices are the problem. I have
>really wondered why more people are not flocking to the gaited horses
>generally and Mountain Horses specifically, rather than keep on riding
>horses that they have to stand in the saddle to get away from a body
>pounding trot, instead of a horse that they can sit on in comfort for both
>themselves and the horse.
>Thank you in advance for any comments in response to this that anyone would
>care to make. I saw a message asking for comments to be endurance related,
>so if the group feels this is not of general interest, I will certainly
>limit my conversation to private email if folks prefer. Annette

This is not ment to be a flame, but I have used a gaited horse (TWH) for
several years and there are pluses and minus. She is in foal at present but
will come back later. As far as the temperment between Misty and the hot
headed arabs out there, why do you think Misty got the nick name "horse
from hell"?


Truman Prevatt
Sarasota, FL

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