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Cougar Prowl(long)

MS LOUISE D BURTON (XXDU78A@prodigy.com)
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 18:10:52, -0500

Once again the Okmulgee Cougar Prowl was a great success...only one pull in
the 50 and that was a rider! The rain stayed away. For the juniors,
Jesse, age 12 tied for second, close behind first and says he'll never ride
with (slow) me again! Amber, age 9, had laryngitis, much to the ear relief
of Karren Beason, I'm sure! As the one who puts it on, it wasn't my best
ride, as I was barely functional with what I was sure would be pneumonia
today, so I am sorry if I wasn't in the best of smiles!
We had a hot contention for the furthest distance travelled award: I had to
get on the computer to see if Leadville Co or Chicago Il was the furthest.
But Earl Baxter showed up from Ontario Canada!
I had wonderful volunteers...several came down from Kansas just to help,
and the McGraw kids helped the entire time!
We almost had a big disaster. Some local prankster turned the "to camp"
sign down a one way VERY muddy road! Luckily Bruce caught it before anyone
went that way!
No cougars spotted, but heard Susan Young got attacked by a shark!?! on trail!
The rest of this is long, so delete now if you don't won't to read ride results....
Louise Burton (still alive..barely)
Okmulgee Cougar Prowl Awards:
25 mile best condition:(book) Kachina-Dana Evans
25 mile Juniors:(amulet) Stacy Crews, Olivia Wright(special)
First to finish:(GC) George Nixon, Hwt
Best Condition:(rump rug) Abby-George Nixon
Best Vet Score:(GC) Grand Drubaska (G. Wunderlich)
Furtherest Distance Travelled: Earl Baxter (Ontario Canada)
Juniors:(Amulets) Jesse Burton, Amber Burton
Turtle: (Flashlight,grain) Monte Mitts
Hard Luck:(electrolytes) Cheryl Flanagan, Patti Crawford
First Time 50 milers:(gloves)JoEl Ellis, Kathlene Tynes, Kim Hearn
First weight divisions: G. Wunderlich, C. Farmer, Jim Wiseman
Second weight divisions: G. Beason, A. Waxman, J.H. Schlup, S. Young
Third weight divisions: J. Sanders, -, T. Booth, D. Horst
First Junior:(electrolytes) J. Burton
Charter Riders:(sweatshirt) Connie & Phil Farmer, 9 years
Team Award:(grain) S. Young, J. Burton, Ginger & Lem Beason
First mare:(treat bag) Abby
First stallion:(treat bag) DB Shahhat
First Gelding:(treat bag) MK Khum Khaleb
Oldest horse: (treat bag) Cochiese, age 19
Smallest AERC # horse:(grain) BW Atesch #3742
Smallest AERC # Rider: (we won't tell!) Karren Beason #11

We had several very generous donators to the Cougar Prowl this year:
Fisher Farms Feed, Firedance Farms, Enduro Trail, Green Country Arabians,
Jeffers Vet Supply, Animal Tacker, Libertyville Saddle Shop, Silver
Dollar Cafe, DeSoto Tack
Thank you very much!!
States Represented: MO(12), TX(6), OK(4), KS(3), IL(2), TN(1), CO(1)
Countries Represented: USA, CANADA
Breeds Represented: Arab(16), 1/2 Arab(6), Appaloosa(3), Grade (3)
Gender: Geldings(16), Mares(7), Stallions(5)
Weight Divisions: (finishing)
50- Fwt: 7, Lwt: 2, Mwt: 9, Hwt: 8, Jr: 2
25: Fwt: 11, Lwt: 6, Mwt: 4, Hwt: 2, Jr: 1
WEATHER: 60, threatening to rain, but held off
1997 Cougar Prowl Results (25 milers)
March 8, 1997
34 starters, 23 winners
Name, weight division Horse Time
LeighAnn Howser,FW Rustasha 3:39
Mary Heberling,MW Jaipurs Journey 3:40
Margie Burton,LW Rococco Zoso 3:50
Bob Kurtz,MW Spit 3:52
Dana Evans,LW Kachina 3:58, BC
Jason Cook,MW Elm Kamal 4:14
Matt Frazier,HW Rebel's Flight 4:15
Stacy Crews,JR CC Pharlap 4:16
Sue Crews,LW Misty Magnolia 4:17
Nancy Mitts,FW SN Miss Priss 4:42
Terri Chapman,FW Dakota 4:52
Laura Patterson,FW Arie 4:52+
Patricia Hamilton,FW Savoys Son 5:06
Dwight Cooper,HW SS Storm Warning 5:07
Marybelle Cooper,FW SM Gota Smoke 5:07+
Brenda Wyant,LW KCK April Wine 5:10
Lisa Baldwin-Toth,FW Goose 5:12
Lisa Gallery,LW Misty 5:13
Judy Ryan, FW Jamie 5:14
Janet Baldwin,FW April Mae 5:14+
Judy Roberds,FW SA Kabir 5:14++
Linda Hancock,LW TY Fantastic 5:15
Sheila Garretson,MW Luna 5:15+
OT: Olivia Wright, Becky Wright, Linda Benson, Diana Benson, Brenda
DeWitt, Linda Lurvey
RO: Jim Baldwin, Wilma Schmidt, Paul Hamblin
L: Kathleen Prescot

Okmulgee Cougar Prowl, 1997
50 milers
29 starters, 28 winners
George Nixon,HW Abby 5:23 BC
Susan Young,HW MK Khum Khaleb 5:23+(tie)
Jesse Burton, JR Farah Lena 5:23+(tie)
Jim Wiseman,MW Cyrano HC 5:27
Dale Horst,HW Ramsey 5:35
Genie Wunderlich,FW Grand Drubaska 5:43
Connie Farmer,LW Czech 5:56
Ginger Beason,MW Whistle 6:15
Jonathan Saunders,FW April 6:15+
Jodi Hess-Schlup,MW BW Atesch 6:17
Edie Booth,FW DB Shahhat 7:10
Thomas Booth,MW Ibn Taam-rud 7:11
Earl Baxter,HW CatchMeIfYouCan 7:16
Kim Hearn,FW Mach One 7:16+
Chris Rodriquez,MW Jake 7:30
Lem Beason,HW Boondoggle 7:30+
Robin Kurtz,FW Nuggets Silverado 7:30++
Sherry McGraw,MW Crystal Moon 8:03
George McGraw,HW Shi Kai Avalon 8:03+
Jo'El Ellis,FW Nefous 8:29tie
Kathlene Tynes,MW Amerikahn Salute 8:29tie
Amber Burton,JR Cochiese 8:30
Karren Beason,MW SN Blaze 8:30+
Brenda Simpson,MW Bolo Buckwheat 9:01
Deborah Anderson,HW Novah PR 9:02
Alisa Waxman,LW AKB Amon Shah 9:26
Karleen Vivirito,MW AKB Perfec Tsun 9:26+
Monte Mitts, HW Racer 10:10
RO:Cheryl Flanagan

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