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L Eisele (nevadaghostridr@webtv.net)
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 13:31:04 -0800

Barbara, and Deanne from L.Tahoe, and anyone else interested in
my packing list.

We have several lists which we check off as we pack. We use to have
a small trailer that we could not fit everything into and had to pack
everyhting each ride but now we have a trailer with a tack area and a
big dressing room so we keep everything in the trailer ready to go and
just load the last minute stuff, which makes it alot easier.

here's the list of stuff just for ourselves:
bedding, clock, flashlite bag with extra socks, undies,pants and top in
case you get dumped in a river.
toilitries, chairs gloves, warm clothes, raingear
helmut,ride clothes,extra shoes
cooler with food and drinks
sunscreen, bag with peptobismal, pain pills, general first aid
5 gal container drinking water for riders
power bars, electrolyte drinks, fresh fruit
cellular phone and important #'s
tissue, wet wipes, water bottles, some filled and froze in freezer,

Tack items; portable corral, leggings, pads saddles bridles fanny
packs(will list stuff in them later) breast collars splint boots, vet
card holders, HRM, saddle bags(will list later)fly masks, coolers, rump
rugs, wool or heavy blankets, easy boots, leather punch, shoeing tools,
several easy boots in different sizes,iceboots to be put in cooler with
ice, hay bags, water, mush buckets, washing sponge and buckets, cooling
towels,lunge line,fly spray, shipping boots, glo bars
____extra (important to have should something break) cinch,
stirrups, bridle, halter, stirrup leathers, pad

Feed for horses, hay, 5 gal. jugs of water for horses, apples carrots,
goodie snacks, mush mix (grain, high energy pellets, bran) to be mixed
with water and electrolyes added. electrolytes for horses

first aid bag for horses...vet wrap, quilting, standing wraps,
thermoeter, relax, probiotic, bute, anelgesic cream, linamint, furicin,
bandaging, extra electrolytes, bentadine, disposable diapers for
bandaging, stethescope,

tools for car and trailer, duct tape, extra oil, garbage bags and scoop
for cleaning camp, horse papers..cognins, brand inspection etc.

goota runout to trailer and check what I have in fanny packs and saddle
saddle bags, electrolytes stethoscope,lleathermen, tailing line,
laminated card with my name and emergency #'s should I or my horse be
found hurt or seperated.tissue ans small first aid bag for horse with
vet wrap and small pressure bandage.

I carry 2 bootles of water for my horse and 2 for me and my horse will
drink from a bottle, I also carry a sponge, sperate bag with easy boot
and hoof pick

Fanny pack, emergency card, bag with pain pills band aids, emergency
blanket, tube of sunscreen, gloves, water bottle, small wind rain parka,
condensed firat aid book, small knife, water purify pills, water proof
matches, quaters for phone call, lipchap .

As far as crew duties, met rider at check with blankets if needed,
water and sponge, small amount of hay to keep gut going. take horse to
vet line to allow rider to rest till turn to vet then rider does it.

check tack feet legs, wash splint boots and legs and reapply, have hay
ready and wet it, have mush mix ready to add water and electrolytes,
keep track of rider's in and out time, refill water bottles, have water
out for horse and warmed, sponge horse or cool, hand walk to prevent
stiffing, observe horse for poop and pee, moniter pulse, gut sounds and
massage muscles, have food ready for rider, check and change tack ex.
fresh pads. Add flashlite, glo bars, parka if needed for next leg. go
over map with rider and ribbon colors and important...know criteria
holds and length of time, meet rider along parts of accessable trail
with water, hay etc.

There's alot more but this should help get you started and I know I'm
forgetting a bunch of stuff so some others maybe on the list may want to
add to it.

Linda Eisele & Sareei and
hubby, Allen and the General nevadaghostridr@webtv.net

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