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Sun, 9 Mar 1997 16:47:42 -0500


"Barbara, and Deanne from L.Tahoe, and anyone else interested in
my packing list.

We have several lists which we check off as we pack. We use to have
a small trailer that we could not fit everything into and had to pack
everyhting each ride but now we have a trailer with a tack area and a
big dressing room so we keep everything in the trailer ready to go and
just load the last minute stuff, which makes it alot easier."

Wow! I thought that we were "over listed". I don't feel so bad now.

You guys all seem to carry first aid gear for the horse when you ride. I think
that its a great idea, and we will start to do the same - although we'll put it
a "bum bag" Fanny pack has a rather different connotation over here in

When I told Caroline that I was going to post her lists, she got all panicky
and said that they need updating and modifying so people
would understand them, so she has gone off today to do that. When I get the
"new" lists, I'll post them.

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