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& Then there was the time. . .

Connie Hoge (pvtevt@msn.com)
Fri, 7 Mar 97 00:24:13 UT

How about the "helping someone" stories? Hey, it's raining, I'm bored,
business is slow - - -

We ride on old Scott paper land. Logged off way back when, re-grown,
beautiful, quiet, closed off with gates, & landlocked. We have permission
from adj. landowners to ride to it, & over the years have trails all over.

Coming home at sunset one cool fall Sun. evening we heard a yell. Found a
motorbiker laying on the ground with a broken leg. He'd been riding alone, &
wrapped his bike around a tree. He said he was really in trouble, as he was
late to take his wife out for their 1st. wedding anniversary!

He was very glad to see us! I rode out to the nearest phone, & called his
Mom & Dad. My husband carried him out to where his folks could pick him up -
then, nice guy that he is - went back for the bike!

Connie Hoge
Arlington, WA

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