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Barbie (barbie@getonthe.net)
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 11:05:59 -0600

I was so glad to read Sally's story about her gelding. We have one of those
GOOD equine dentists here in Southwest Missouri. His name is Dr. Leon Self,
and he moved up here from Aubry, Texas, a little over a year ago. He has
really educated the folks around here about all the things that can affect
the horses stemming from bad teeth. He is located at Royalty Arena,
Carthage, MO. If anyone needs to talk with him, his phone numer is
1-417-548-3200. He has really helped me, and, anyone out there in this area
might take his number in case they have problems that cannot find a cause
for. Nine times out of ten, it has turned out to be teeth related. It is
amazing what crazy things can be caused by a bad hook, or too long teeth in
the front.
BARBIE (just starting in your league)

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