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Re: Fashion and "The Market"

Lauren Horn (fourhorn@mail.fia.net)
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 18:02:03 -0800

SandyDSA@aol.com wrote:

> I have had horses off the track, and time and hay put into that cheap
> "prospect" in order to get him ready for any kind of activity pretty well
> makes up for the purchase price of an individual who is further laong.
> $3-5000 for an individual of excellent pedigree, conformation, disposition
> and ready to compete is a better investment that the $1000 race track
> production horse who needs a year at least to become what the first horse is.
> I figure at about $1000 a year to keep a horse in your back yyard let alone
> board or train, soemthin has been lost already. We are talking about a
> moderate market, not meat market, nor the Wayne Newton price range. That
> arena seems to be a good investment. Has been for us for 22 years.
> s

Sandy, I agree with you. When I started looking at horses my price range
was up to $5000. I was very close to purchasing horses that would put me
out $5000 and $4700 repectively. I was not looking in the under $2000
price range as I thought the quality and/or training would not be there.
Even after purchasing my $1500 "fixer upper" arab mare I still hold true
to that philosophy. The only reason I got her was I thought that even if
I didn't like her I could fatten her up, do a little training and sell
her more more.

Now that I am "in love" with my mare, and I still strongly believe that
she can be a GREAT endurance horse, I have put money "into" her that I
would not have had to if I bought one of the higher priced horses. Money
for hoof, dental care, feed suppliments, etc...

I have a friend who had their arab gelding for 8 years; the horse was
never quite what they wanted, always working on something. He sold the
horse to a gal for cheap and she put the horse in hunter training and
just after 6 mos. she was offered $10,000. for this flea-bitten gelding.
The horse found it's forte.
I guess in the end... you never know.

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