ridecamp@endurance.net: Demand vs. Supply

Demand vs. Supply

Connie Hoge (pvtevt@msn.com)
Thu, 6 Mar 97 23:32:29 UT

Endurance, a sport where you don't have to be wealthy to participate. Luckily
for us, and sadly for the breed -the over supply of Arabians has been obvious
for years -

Every time I open a "Horses for Sale", & see the nice, nice, Arabs who need
homes I wish I had a few hundred acres. Whether of perfect or poor
conformation, tell me that each & every one doesn't show their heart in their
eyes. How sad that so many are going from owner to owner unappreciated.

We have one of those great geldings too. One that turns heads, & well meaning
people ask; "is he a stallion?" No, he's not, & we made him that way. Or
I'll be on my mare, & the first question is, "are you going to breed her?"
Probably not.

Not that I wouldn't love to, but why, when supply exceeds demand. I think
thats the bottom line - not just the perceived "quality" or training of the
animal. If people don't have to pay higher prices - they probably won't.

How's that for the generalized "nut-shell"?

Connie Hoge
Arlington, WA

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