ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Looking for a bargain Arab?

Re: Looking for a bargain Arab?

Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 13:26:11 -0800

Patricia Dowling DVM wrote:
> Check your nearest land-grant university (ie, has an animal
> science department). When the pyramid schemes toppled in the
> late 80's, many of the farms donated their entire herds to
> university.

I'll second that. In the early '80's, the Kellogg Foundation gave Cal
Poly $150,000 to buy several bloodlines that they felt they needed for
one reason or another (don't get me started on why the original
and diverse Kellogg herd needed anything other than Kellogg, but OK).
For that $150,000 they got three broodmares from Lasma, primarily (of
course) Bask and I think Monogramm daughters. Ten years later, Cal Poly
is INUNDATED with offers of Arabians, 99% of which are turned down.
Among these were past National winners, producers of National Champions,
etc etc. Some of these sterling horses are being used in treadmill
research, some are being used as equitation horses. The directors know
what they have, but these days "a Bask grandson" don't mean diddley.

By the way, none of those three mares is still in the breeding
program---one was a CID producer, one was phenomenally consistent at
producing the crokkedest legs you ever saw and the third manufactured
horses that can only be described as Land Sharks. So much for price


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