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Shoulders and breeding

Donna Ott (dott@hpfcpup.fc.hp.com)
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 13:49:49 MST

I believe that we need to observe and record the conformations of
successful, proven endurance horses and try to go from there.

In my endurance observations I have found that some good quality
successful endurance horses have less-broad front ends. This also
appears to be the case in some old Desert horse lines. This is
anecdotal evidence, more research on conformation needs to be done.
However, all of these horses also had deep chests vertically. So
there was room for all the organs and the body from the top was shaped
sort of like a wedge-- narrower in front and broader in back. This
shape also seems to help keep interferences from being a problem.

As far as discussing the relative influences of sires and breeding
practices its lots of fun but perhaps we should take it off line if
it takes too much bandwidth-- Comments ?

Donna "if its too snowy to ride-- discuss bloodlines!" Ott
Tassan Egyptians

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