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Re: are we better now?

Susan F. Evans (suendavid@worldnet.att.net)
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 17:05:11 -0800

> Or have all these things conspired to give us faster times on sounder horses
> for more miles?
> Tina

I dunno. However (and this is just an idle thought), I wonder if all
the better (?) saddles, pads, shoes, etc. just make it possible for some
horses to be capable of doing the miles safely, whereas without a little
extra help, maybe they couldn't. Sure there are some superstar horses
that would go out and trundle down the trail all day even after you cut
off two of their legs, but I know my horse needs a few tweaks here and
there to keep him going.

I had a discussion once with one of my advisors, who was commenting on
some of the funky conformation he'd seen in successful distance horses,
so he was wondering if too much emphasis was put on this conformation
point or that one. We finally decided that true, there are some pretty
funny-looking horses that will run all day, but for every one that made
it to the finish line, how many never even stayed sound long enough to
get to an LD? Maybe riding with all the nifty saddles and pads and
shoes are like that---they won't make a big difference to the
one-in-a-million horses that will be superstars no matter what, but they
make enough of a difference to the average horse that he can make it
through a season without problems, eh?

Susan Evans--also the catalog queen and not very philosophical, just as
opinionated as always...:->

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