ridecamp@endurance.net: Riding Rainbows

Riding Rainbows

Pat Gluckin (a1234@gte.net)
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 18:18:24 -0500

I am embarking on the adventure of competitive riding (trail and hopefully
endurance.) I've got lots to learn and even more to experience. I came
across this little ditty and would like to share. I believe the word
"Rainbows" could be replaced with "Horses" or "Endurance". # 2 is the one
that I'm prepared to go after.

"Rules for Riding Rainbows"
1. Let your inner child come out to play.
2. Grab the reins of a new risk.
3. Hold on, but not too tight.
4. Follow a whim wherever it leads.
5. Do something silly when nobody is watching.
6. So something wild with all the world watching.
7. Go on a miracle hunt.
8. Pour some color into someone's dreary corner.
9. It's OK to laugh or cry or even scream when you're riding your rainbow.

Hope to meet some of you in person.

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