ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Hair Loss

Re: Hair Loss

Duncan Fletcher (dfletche@gte.net)
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 19:58:04 -0800

Possible. Chronic Se toxicity is characterized by hair loss, particularly
around mane and tail (but perhaps other areas) and cracking hoofs around
the coronary band. A blood test for Se levels might be worthwhile. If it
is, you want to correct the problem ASAP.

Duncan Fletcher

> From: VMAXEPT@aol.com
> To: fourhorn@mail.fia.net; ridecamp@endurance.net
> Subject: Re: Hair Loss
> Date: Saturday, March 01, 1997 5:20 PM
> Are you giving Se ? Is your area ok for Se levels in the hay??
> Sounds ??? like Se over dose?? anyone else?
> Test for Se levels.. see archives.. or ask Susan Evans at cal poly ? if
> is till on the list.
> is the hair brittle?
> Roger R

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