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Re: Lame Horse (Need Advice)

Sat, 1 Mar 1997 17:20:56 -0500 (EST)


There are a lot of structures that are associated with the point of the hip.
You can't isolate them, since the body doesn't isolate them. When I teach
equine massage I refer to this area as one of many power spots. This is a
spot where many tendons attach and one can access the golgi tendon respone
What's a golgi tendon response? When we put pressure quickly on a muscle it
will contract this is a reflexive reaction. You've probably had someone hand
you an object that was heavier than you thought, rather than dropping it your
arm went down and then the muscles reacted to the weight and contracted. When
a tendon is treated to a sustained stretch they will relax. This is a
reflexive arc that prevents the tendon from being stretched to injury. You
can use this response by resting your hand on the Pt. of Hip and as you feel
the tissue relax take up the slack by pushing your hand in alittle further.
Here's it is more specifically: Cup your hand around the POH, keep your
fingers relaxed. Take several deep breaths. Let your finger pads explore the
attachments around the POH, slowly press into one until you feel resistance.
Stop and breath until you feel the relaxation under your fingers. Continue
like this going around the entire POH.
This is the protocol for any muscle attachment, slow relaxation. Once the
tendon relaxes the muscle will as well.
You mentioned that an accupuncturist said your horse is hip sore, I was
interested in what the chiro and massage therapist found.
The biggest cause of soreness in this area is going to be the front of the
horse. The hamstrings pushing into closed shoulders overworking and pulling
on the gluteal fascia and the horse being heavy on the forehand overusing the
lattismus dorsi and it's pulling on the lumbodorsal fasica. It's all
Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be any assistance.

jim pascucci
Certified Rolfer

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