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North American Endurance Ride

DORY ANN JACKSON (brejd@ix.netcom.com)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 21:47:59 -0600 (CST)

On March 22 1997 the Fish Creek Endurance Team is hosting a benefit
dinner at Off Broadway (Everett Washington). The monies that we collect
will go to help support the North American Endurance Ride (NAC).
The North American Ride is being held in Bend Oregon on the 13 of
September 1997. We expect over 60 participants, along with several
hundred support people, crew and volunteers.
The Championship Ride will bring riders, support teams and spectators
from all over the US, Canada and several countries.
Heidi Smith DMV, and Mike Foss have worked hard to collect the
$70,000+ that it will take to put on this ride.
Fish Creek is trying to do it's small part by sponsoring a benefit
dinner. We will have guest speakers, films, dinner and a auction of
horse and unrelated horse items.
At this time we are trying to get a head count and to collect items
for donation. If you are interested in helping by joining us on the
22th of March or donating a items please contact me at
306 652-6907 (h) DORY JACKSON
360 652-8339 (w) barn where I am
most of the time or email me at brejd@ix.netcom.com

We need your help, please help us to make this ride a success!!!!!

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