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Re: arab needs a pacifier!

Fri, 28 Feb 1997 10:02:52 -0500 (EST)


Rather than labeling this horse as a type "A" personality, I would label him
as type "A" superficial tissue. He amy be wrapped too tight and his nervous
system gets an overload from touch.
You are doing the right thing with starting him through the basics. TTEAM is
excellent for this.
I would start by teaching him to let me touch him by getting a hand towel and
rubbing him down with it, all over. I would start with the lightest pressure
that he would stand for. Make sure you rub his face. Then I would take him
through the tteam work log course, to get him to start balancing more, I
think he speeds up because he is off balance. The tteam leg exercises are
great for re-programming the proprioception of the joints and will help to
re-balance him.
For his mouth, I would work inside it. Everytime he brought that mouth over
to me I'd go into it. Don't yell, don't hit, massage the mouth. If that's
what he wants he'll come back for more, if not he'll leave you alone. NOW, if
he's coming over with his mouth to tell you that what you are doing feels
great, mutual grooming, then you'll just acknowledge this with rubbing his
You'll need to work his mouth seriously at some point to get over the
compensation that is there.
When you are doing bodywork on your animal you need to adopt the attitude
that they are the client and you are there to serve them. A bodyworker
engages their clients in the process and accepts their feedback as gossiple.
If you are working too fast, to hard ... and the client tells you this then
adjust your technique. Make sure you are present mentally with the client to
receive the feedback. It's hard to work this professional way with your own
horse, at least it is for me.
You may want to have a holistic vet check the horse to assure there isn't
other problems that need to be corrected.
If you have a video of the horse and want to send it to me , I will see what
I would do if he were one of my clients.

jim pascucci
Certified Rolfer

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