ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Helmet Vents and Duct Tape

Re: Helmet Vents and Duct Tape

Fri, 28 Feb 97 08:48:57 -0700

For those who are having branches pulling at their helmet vents. I saw a
lady get pulled right off her horse at the American River 50 a few years
ago. We recognized this asa a problem long before that and made our own
helmet covers, mine had stretch mesh material in front and back so that I
would have ventilation.

Janet, my wife, who makes the colorful tights for The Australian
Connection, stopped making matching helmet covers for her tights because
they weren't selling very well. She might be willing to make some more
for those who ask!
Get them in your colors, with or without mesh, and possibly tights to

BTW I haven't told her I'm sending this mesage so when you call tell her
about your experiences with branches getting caught in the vents.

Raymond Santana
Network Operations
UC Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA

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