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Re: Hello to the Aussies!

Nikki Ward (nikkiw@agrecon.canberra.edu.au)
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 09:36:00 +1100

G'day Kimberly,

By "australian saddles" I take it you mean aussie stock saddles? Well they
are quite common here, and a very comfortable saddle for endurance (if you
get a good one), but their biggest drawback is the weight. Most of them are
quite heavy. At a standard endurance ride in Oz you'll see a fair mix of
stock saddles, english-style saddles of all shapes and sizes, Wintec
synthetic saddles, military saddles, you name it. We don't have alot of
specialist endurance saddles on the market in Australia yet. Wintec put out
an endurance model, but by the amount of them on re-sale I take it they're
not real good. Alan Mackinder, one of our top riders over here, makes an
endurance saddle, which he seems to be selling quite a few of. I have only
personally seen one SportsSaddle out here, but I think there may be a few
more around. Basically we seem to hunt around until we find a saddle that
suits us and our horses, and use that, regardless of what it happens to be.
I am hugely envious of all the saddles and "stuff" you americans have to
choose from.

Nik & the Gang (Taaj, Saki & Dippa) in Australia

nikkiw@agrecon.canberra.edu.au OR

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