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re: Corralling George of the Jungle

Kathy Shank (kathy.shank@juno.com)
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 17:29:01 EST


I also have a PVC corral, but I run a single strand of electric tape
around the top, hooked up to a battery operated charger. The PVC
provides a good "visual" barrier, but the electric keeps them from
"testing" it. The "zap" on these little chargers (runs on two "D"
batteries) is pretty weak, but its enough to keep them off the fence. To
run the electric, I screwed metal eye screws into the top of the
connecting pieces of the fence sections. The eyes are bent open slightly
so I can slip the tape in easily. I also found that it works well to end
the tape about a foot short of the end of the fence on the gate section &
stretch a short bungee from the end of the tape to the last eyelet.
(Hope you can picture what I am trying to describe.) Anyway, this allows
me to open & shut the gate without turning off the electric (if so
desired) & also keeps the electric tape taut.

Just a suggestion as to what works for me. I think the electric charger
cost about $80.00 (not sure - I got it several years ago.)

P.S. Very much enjoyed your "Stupidest Day" story. Thanks!

Kathy Shank & MAS Shanghaisbeau ("Shane")
Camp Hill, PA

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