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Beth Glace (lb@nismat.org)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 11:02:25 +0000

A few further thoughts on glycerol in response to Dr. Crespo:
Interesting to find out that glycerol is used as a means of
dehydrating tissues. The literature in most of the exercise
physiology journals suggests that glycerol is evenly distributed
across all fluid compartments [Lin, Annu Rev Biochem. 46:765-795,
1977; Lyons et al, Med Sci Sports Ex, 22(4):477, 1990]. Several
studies have shown that ingestion preexercise does not expand plasma
volume since hematocrit, and hemoglobin values are unchanged [Lyons,
1990; Riedesel et al, 63(6):2262-2268, 1987]. Does glycerol only become a
tissue-dehydrating agent at high dosages? The typical amounts given
in exercising humans are in the range of 1g/Kg body weight. I'd like to get Dr.
Crespo's thoughts on the mechanism of fluid retention in light of
these studies. We are thinking of conducting a study to further
examine the effects of glycerol on exercise performance in humans
[Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, Lenox
Hill Hospital, NY, NY].

All of these studies are moot in regards to horses since glycerol has
not, to my knowledge, been evaluated in them.
Beth Glace, M.S.
Sports Nutritionist

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