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Re: glycerol for hyperhydration

Truman Prevatt (truman.prevatt@netsrq.com)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 11:13:34 -0400

>I would be extremely reluctant to try glycerol as a means to
>"hyperhydrate" a horse. In medicine, glycerol is classified and used as
>an "osmotic diuretic".

>Bottom line, human exercise studies can NOT be applied to horses. Be very
>L. M. Crespo, Ph.D.
>Associate Professor and Chair
>Department of Pharmacology
>Nova-Southeastern University

Thanks Lynn for shining some light into the dark on this issue. The bottom
line is that horses are very
complex biochemical/electrochemical/biophysical systems that is different
than a human. Also as Lynn so elequently pointed out there is a global
reaction and acclimation to anything done to the system. This is why a
holoistic scientific approach is so important when dicussing endurance

I think great care needs to be taken when considering the use of some "new
miracle" technique to get the last bit of performance out of the horses -
whether supplementing with pure glucose during a ride (which might cause
insulin shock - which has happened with humans) or the use of glycerol.

The tried and ture methods are well accepted and fairly conservative. They
are good feed with fat supplementation when needed, pleanty of good grass
and grass hay, electrolytes when needed and a balanced mineral supplement
when needed. Team this up with good training, conditioning and rest, and
our horses should be going down the trail for a long time.

Off the soap box for now.


Truman Prevatt
Sarasota, FL

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