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Valentine story

MS LOUISE D BURTON (XXDU78A@prodigy.com)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 00:21:12, -0500

..the rest of the story on Amber's first 50....
Amber has been trying to ride a 50 since November. She gets out on her
wonderful 19 year old x-show horse and goes out on trail with me. After
about 3 miles of cantering, she yells to stop; she can't keep up. She
depressingly says she wants to go back...or just slow down. I tell her,
sadly, she can never do a 50.....she is bummed, but the next day vows to
"keep up this time". Alas, the same story over and over.
Ride day draws near, and Amber, age 9, realizes there will be no ride for
her. She will stay in camp while Dad, Mom, and brother (age 12) ride. I
bring her horse for company for my stallion. She tells me that night as we
lay snuggled in our sleeping bags that she and dad have a Valentine's Day surprise....
6am and I drag myself to sign in (we always arrive past midnight at rides)
and Dad comes up and says to sign Amber up! That is their Valentine's
surprise! Dad had said he'd sponsor Amber!
Well, Amber did the whole ride without one complaint. She had a marvelous
time...and to the envy of all, she's not a bit sore! Her old friend, Red,
finished in fine shape as well, though I'm not so sure he wants to continue
this new adventure!
Jesse, Amber's brother, had a bit to celebrate as well, as the ride was his
500th mile in less than a year! Not to be outdone by sister, he says he
wants to do a 100! Hmm...sponsor, anyone?

Finishing four horses with all As is the greatest award I could've gotten!
I would like to thank all of you ride managers who let juniors ride free or
1/2 price, as we could not have done this without the discount!

And for those of you who worry about a crew??? Try getting two kids, two
adults, a mare, two geldings, and a stallion through 30 minute vet stops
without any help!

So there's my story. I hope it gives encouragement to all :>
Louise Burton, Fa Al Badi+ (2775 and counting)
Bruce Burton, MS Beret
Jesse Burton, Farah Lena(aka Blaze)
Amber Burton, Cochiese (aka Red)

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