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Unidentified subject!

Tue, 18 Feb 97 13:01:21 CST

everyone should learn how to take their horses pulse, but it doesn't
require a monitor!
Loved the Sack o Matic & George of the Jungle stories. Sounds like George
needs a Safety Pen.
While teething, my colt Spunky got in the habit of sticking his tongue out
& clamping down to sooth his gums. He looked so funny we'd always laugh &
grab it. Now whenever he misbehaves he just sticks his tongue out to make us
forgive him! He also does it on command!
Another way to introduce vet students to rides is for rides near vet colleges
to arrange for them to work the ride with the ride vets. Several OCER rides
have done this. Even pre-vet students are excellent propects for P&R takers,
etc. Nancy.

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