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Re: pain relief

Lauren Horn (fourhorn@mail.fia.net)
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 21:56:06 -0800

SandyDSA@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-02-17 21:34:02 EST, you write:
> << Hi Roger,
> Could you please tell me more about arnica? Is this an herb? Is it a
> pain reliever/muscle relaxant/help clear bad stuff (dontcha love the
> technical terms)? Would really like to know.
> Thanks,
> Susan
> >>
> Susan -
> Arnica - great stuff!
> sandy

Let me be more specific. Arnica is a plant derivitive commonly found in
a gel form for relief of bruises, minor muscle & joint aches and pains,
stiffness & swelling associated with minor falls, blows, sprains,
strains, sports injury and over exercise.
I have used it for years with my children for bumps and bruises. I've
seen bad injuries on my son's head that I knew for sure would swell up
and have a major bruise never materialize after using arnica gel on the
area. Do not use it on open wounds and scratches.
My husband has also used it with great success on muscle soreness. I
swear by Arnica!!! You can find it in health stores and some drug

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