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Re: pain relief

Tue, 18 Feb 1997 00:21:45 -0500 (EST)

<< Could you please tell me more about arnica? Is this an herb? Is it a
pain reliever/muscle relaxant/help clear bad stuff >>

Well ..now kat dont flame me...
As with ALL homeopathic remedies, it is from a plant ARNICA MONTANA.
It is a herb-weed?
IT has pain killing properties, It reduces inflamation.
like YUCCA --read ASPRIN
It COULD mask a a problem.. thats to cover me..
BUT IF you are really broke ie hurt.. it wont do the cover up job like the
'real' drugs.

Within reason its safer then IBp.

As a post script, since I have taken such an interest in Homepathics, I have
decided to take course on the subject. I have the info from the British
Homeopathic College.
The full accreditied course is costly, but once finished, the 'paper' is
reconized by many states but not all to 'prescribe' homepathics for a problem
without the fear of being accused of practicing without a license.. or other
'legal' issues.

Any way I am going to persue this ...

Roger R

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