ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Heart rate monitors

Re: Heart rate monitors

tina hicks (hickst@puzzler.nichols.com)
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 13:08:23 -0600

At 10:37 AM 2/17/97 -0800, jgranch@gte.net] wrote:
>If your not using one you shouldn't be riding.

Hmm, that sounds like an awfully *harsh* statement. Lots of people have
done well over lots of miles without ever hooking one up and I'm sure that
will be true years from now. You would also rule out a great group of first
or second timers that are trying the sport out but haven't acquired a lot of
equipment yet.

I personally use one and like it but it is a *tool* just like lots of other
things - to say that you shouldn't ride just because you don't have a
<whatever item> is a bit silly.

Personally, I think you should be able to take an accurate pulse the lo-tech
way (with a stethoscope) before using a monitor - at rides, the vet staff
couldn't care less what your monitor says - it's what their stethoscope
hears that counts. The vet staff makes this painfully clear at the pre-ride
meeting. I *always* check with a stetho prior to going in to make sure that
what I'm seeing on the monitor is what the vet will hear.


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