ridecamp@endurance.net: Mitral Valve Prolapse in Arabian Geldings

Mitral Valve Prolapse in Arabian Geldings

Barbara Madill (WFMADILL.FMF@worldnet.att.net)
Sun, 16 Feb 1997 18:15:26 +0000

Have any of you had problems with mitral valve prolapse in older
(according to the veterinarian involved, it is a COMMON problem after 13
years) Arabian Geldings?

I learned that a 21 year old gelding of mine, leased to friends in
Florida (High Point Arabian of 1996 Florida 2 Day 60 and in training for
1997 3 Day 100) has been diagnosed with this problem. It is ironic because,
until injured in pasture in 1989 (and, obviously having since recovered), he
had the best Pulse recoveries of all the horses I've owned,.

There are a couple of unknowns, i.e., was he "let down" after the
60? Would continued conditioning have made a difference? (I had owned
another Arabian gelding who had to be laid up a year. When we put him back
into training, he had a "whistling" valve until he got fit again. Was this
a similar problem? That horse was about 12 or 13 then.

I should think this would be an interesting endurance related topic
for Ridecamp. In my immediate circumstance the prognosis has been made that
this particular horse will probably be useful at most activities for several
years and might even compete in 25's and 30's (assumption at 6 MPH), so
please respond to Ridecamp if you think the topic warrants discussion.

We readers should be so thankful that several veterinarians have
been so generous with their information. I'll be querying my own vet this
week (time for the rest of my critters to have their shots, etc. and will
pass along info I get if the group seems interested in the topic.

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