ridecamp@endurance.net: Protection


Jeff & Bambi Forbes (forbes@vail.net)
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 11:49:42 -0700

There are no precautions that will protect you from everything. A
helmet won't protect you from your horse slipping in the mud and landing
on you, causing paralysis in your leg (it happened to my sister - her
head hit the ground, IN a helmet), tossing you on your head and causing
a severe concussion (it happened to my friend IN a helmet) or breaking
your neck or back making you a quadriplegic (wasn't Christopher Reeves
wearing a helmet?), kicking you in the knee shattering your kneecap,
shall I go on?

You can also eat a great diet and die of pancreatic cancer (my dad),
wear your seatbelt and get run over and killed by a truck that lost its
brakes (my sister's friend, and the other person in the car lived thru
it), and not play golf and still get hit by lightning (person was
actually on a horse and the lightning went thru the person to the
horseshoes - killed the horse and burnt the rider's butt).

Horses and endurance riding are dangerous, helmet or not. Life is
dangerous. If you wanted to be really safe you would stay home and not
participate in life. Society would have to support you and then you
would DIE of boredom.

Somebody (William Wallace?) said:
"Everyone dies. But not everyone lives."

Stuff happens. Protect away, but stuff happens.


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