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Re: Rules of the Road

Wendy Milner (wendy@wendy.cnd.hp.com)
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 13:21:31 MST

Kat said:
>Then, if your horse goes ballistic over the bands,
>and the horns, and the streamers, and the crowds, all the kids will jump
>up and down and point and say "look at the dancing horsey." And you can
>just smile and wave. (Been there, done that.)

Of course, the first time you go to a parade and your horse goes
balistic and runs over a few children, you'll learn what a lawsuit
can mean. Don't train your horse by taking it to a parade.

In California a pedestrian always has the right of way. If a person
tries to cross a four lane highway, it is required for all traffic to
let the person cross the road. This is, by the way, on the driving
test. Now the person would have to be an idiot to try it, but just
look at PCH to see what people will do.

On the lighter side:-)
I was riding with a friend in England. She was riding a very green
young horse. The road was a two way road, that was one lane wide.
There were tall hedges on both sides of the road. There was no shoulder.
(Get the picture?) Along comes a car. I know what that car would have
done in the US. Here, the car stopped. Her horse would not pass
the car. The driver turned off the engine. Her horse still would
not pass. The driver turned on the engine and backed up to the nearest
intersection, turned off the engine and waited till my friend could
get her horse past. I still can't believe it.

In Colorado, if a driver of a vehicle intentionally spooks a horse by
making noise or going too close, the driver can be fined or sent to jail.

If a horse gets loose and damages a car, it is the nature of a horse
to do so and the owner of the car can not sue based on the horse's nature.
There's a lot a grey area in this. Basically, if you are walking
a horse in hand, Colorado says the horse has the right to spook.
But, maybe you didn't have the right to take the horse into a spook

Of course, I think we still have a couple of hanging laws here too.
Steal a horse, get hanged.
Steal some one's water, get hanged. Maybe the person stealing stuff
at a vet check should hear about that one.


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