ridecamp@endurance.net: Bad training decisions

Bad training decisions

Samm C Bartee (bartesc@mail.auburn.edu)
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 16:00:09 -0600 (CST)

> it, anyone big enough to admit theyve made mistakes out there? (other
> then spelling that is, after all, who cares!!)....

I made the serious mistake of not asking enough about the trails that I
rode my first few 50's on. I over rode my horse 2 different times due to
this, and even though I was new to the sport, I should have still asked.
ONe thing that I noticed was that people that have been riding longer
could have warned me a bit better.
For those of you who will scream it's not your responsibility, then fine,
keep your mouth shut when someone asks. Just please point them in the
direction of some one else who MIGHT help.
I almost did not post this to the group, but figured if it helped keep one
horse out of trouble, then I would do it.

They only said it's not tough compared
to XX ride, or its similar to XYT ride. I had not ridden any of the rides
referenced. It would have helped if the more experienced riders had asked
me when/how I conditioned.
since I was new to the sport, I certainly did not know how to ask what I
needed to ask. NOw I do, but I am also familiar with most of the trails
that I ride. If I do go to a ride that I have never done, I ask around
until I find someone who has ridden that trail before, not necessarily one
who trains there--what someone trains on usually is not a big deal to
them, not here in the SE usually since Mountains are generally NOT a
problem:-), but I look for someone who has just done this ride a few
times. I learn a lot by asking about terrain changes, mud/sand/rocks,
spooks, etc. It really helped me after my first few mistakes, but it's
too bad that my horse had to suffer because I was a green, naive person to
the sport. Good thing he's an Appy, and tough!!:-)

Now I know, and I try to help people that ask, or if I see a new rider, I
will find out if he/she is new to the area, or just new to the sport. I
have made many new friends, helped some people along the way, and it
really helps some people. It helps some, but it doesn't help others.
Just depends on if people listened. I would have.


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