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Re: How much do they Drink?

Raina Hodgson (srponies@seanet.com)
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 21:21:00 -0800 (PST)

At 05:46 PM 2/13/97 UT, you wrote

>After watching horses drink Jerry noticed that the ears flick, every time they
>swallow. So, he uses a bucket filled with a specific amount - & lets the
>horse drink - counting the ear flicks. Then remeasures to see how much water
>is gone.
>So, say 10 ear flicks = 1 gal., etc. That way he can adjust his electrolites
>to the horses water consumption! Great idea huh? I'm going to try it this
>Connie Hoge

Let me know how this works... I didn't get a chance to ask Jerry
about it last night, but from the work I do with people's swallowing (I'm a
geriatric speech therapist -- 80% of my caseload is evaluating and treating
swallowing disorders) I doubt that you can rely on this measure to be
accurate. There is an average amount of fluid that a person takes "per
swallow" but that average varies tremendously depending on the type of
drinking container, temperature of the liquid, taste, and thirst level.
Therefore, I would think that a horse's bolus size would also vary depending
on bucket vs. running stream, taste of the water, thirst, outside
distractions, and temperment at that given moment. The horse may swallow
the same number of times at a cold running stream, a 4 inch deep puddle, and
a huge familiar water trough, but I think the amounts would be entirely
different. But hey, it's a good theory, and another tool for us to use to
determine what is "usual" for our horses. I'm curious though, keep me posted...

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