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Rolfing Reading List Delete if not interested

Tue, 11 Feb 1997 14:13:30 -0500 (EST)

Sorrry to have to send this to the list. I know it's not endurance specific.
Too many people want the info. and I'm lazy.
If you find typos or spellos or get pissed at something I wrote please reply
in private to me. I won't take offence (I've learned).
This list is compiled for Rolfers who have already studied massage, anatomy,
physiology, kinesiology and psychology to be accepted into the Rolf Institute
and want to train further to include equines in their practice. In general,
what usually happens is someone decides that it would be nice to work with
horses, signs up for five more days of training ( they get 5 CEUs, elective)
and then becomes overwhelmed with the amount of information and puts the
equine idea on the back burner. Those that do wokr with horses have a passion
for it not just a desire to make money.

To get on to the Bodywork list send an email to: bodywork@echonyc.com,
message subscribe in the body.

good luck

jim pascucci
Certified Rolfer

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