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Re: Water Bucket protocol

Tue, 11 Feb 1997 10:32:21 -0500 (EST)

In a message dated 97-02-10 13:34:42 EST, you write:

<< Not so, says one
vocal southeast rider- the horse can't read the name on the bucket , she
says, and he should be encouraged to drink anywhere, so shut up and don't
bother her, is her song. Twice she has left my bucket empty and my hay
half gone. I've even told her if she wants to send something ahead with my
crew, we'll set it up for her. She just needs to plan ahead. I got a
witchy letter from her saying she will complain to AERC about crew
harassemnt of rider if my crew says anything to her again. Am I wrong?
Don't get me wrong-- I'm all for helping each other. Just don't assume
it's okay to take what I have set up for my horse.

I can hardly believe the self-centered stupidity of this person. I HOP she is
on this list, because she needs some instruction in comportment, manners,
consideration, and respecting the rights and property of others. I have never
had this problem, and have always been happy to share - as have a few people
for me when my crew (read, husband) got lost. If anyone EVER treated me the
way you have been treated, I would be the one filing a ocmplaint. Of course
the horse can't read. One would ASSUME that the RIDER CAN! YOUR property is
YOUR PROPERTY and no one has the right to swipe it. You don't need an excuse
or a reason to withhold from her - it is YOURS, and should you choose to be
generous - and it appears you have been generous and tolerant - you have that
right. You also have the right to tell her to take a long hike off a short

Has anyone else experienced this nonsense?

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