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Equine Intelligence

Sun, 9 Feb 1997 16:57:28 -0500 (EST)

It figures the govenment would give a grant to study equine intelligence
to someone who didn't have any knowledge of horses!!!! Who was he the brother
or husband or cousin to? What a sad joke on us.
Anyone who has a genuine respect and love for animals (not just horses) has
oodles of anecdotes about the intelligence of our "fellow travelers". All
animals are intelligent and reasoning creatures, they just have it at
different levels. Individual animals are like individual humans. I am certain
we have all met human beings who are literally stupid...couldn't think their
way out of paperbag, and wonder why things happen or don't happen to them
that do to others. And we have all met humans far brighter than us. I had an
uncle who was a certified genius..the man could do calculations in his head
that makes my eyes hurt just seeeing on paper..when he played chess he was
eight or ten moves ahead of me..he worked as an engineer (natch) for Lycoming
in Ohio.
But common sense the man had none. He was so stupid that my aunt had to
tell him when he needed to bathe, could not drive a manual transmission as he
just couldn't remember the sequence of depressing the clutch in time with
shifting the gears......my aunt had to tell him to zip up his zipper after he
came out of the bathroom.
If he weren't dead I would say that this was the guy who was given a
federal grant to study intelligence in horses!!
So, phooey to the bozos who think animals are strictly ruled by instinct.
They try to compress living creatures into a mathmatical formula, and it just
won't work!!

Michelle, who could write a book on animal intelligence if she would just get
offline and start working on it..............................

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