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Re: Equine Massage

BP&A (scuba@b022.aone.net.au)
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 08:32:09 +1000

Kathy Shank wrote:
> I am interested in learning massage techniques. How (or where) do you
> learn? I notice that some people give the credentials "Certified Equine
> Massage Therapist". What does the "Certified" imply? Is there some
> governing body or licensing agency that grants this title based on
> meeting certain criteria (like a test)? Is someone with these
> credentials then certified to teach others, or only to practice the
> techniques themselves? Also, are there any good books on this subject?
> Just wondering where to begin...
> Kathy & "Shane"
> Camp Hill, PA

I did a massage course two years ago. It was run by Debranne McDaniel
from California (707) 526 4773. It is a full certificate course and
well worthwhile. The course is based on a book by Jack Meagher "Beating
Muscle Injuries for Horses". The course obviously goes into a lot more
detail and covers more. Debranne is an excellent teacher so I would
recommend her to anyone. You may be able to chat to her and she can
point you in the right direction if you are not near her.

I use the massage mainly on my own horses and have noticed a big
difference in them. I do other people's horses by request (I don't
advertise) as the work is physically very hard with very little return.
It may be different in the States where you have collective "barns". I
have also done several demonstrations at seminars etc.

If you need anymore information, please email me.



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