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Feeding hay pellets

Lyn Kamer (MUSTANGRDR@worldnet.att.net)
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I can understand your problems with getting hay, had the same thing in
Florida where good hay can run $12 - $14/bale. I feed a good grass hay
here in NJ, but still use alfalfa-corn hay cubes in my feeds. I soak
them with water before feeding to counter the problems of too much dry
feed. Actually, it works well because then they get this big mash at
night with the hay cubes, beet pulp, grain, and supplements along with
several gallons of water. It helps to get lots of water into the
horse's system the night before and ensures that they have lots of high
quality roughage in their guts before we start out. I've had no
problems with this feeding progam aside from the mess. In the winter I
soak the feeds with hot water, cold in the summer. It helps to
counteract the dehydration problems sometimes encountered in winter. If
you are feeding them dry you may want to try wetting them down first.

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