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QH Follies

Patricia Chase (ponies@foothills.eznet.com)
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 12:59:40 -0800

She even
>PURPOSELY stepped on my toes one day as I was saddling her and WOULD NOT
>get off, no matter how hard I pushed. In fact, she pushed back and
>managed to knock me down while still standing on my toes. It took 3 men
>to get her off me! (My toes were broken, of course.)

I must have one of her sisters; Granny Peach (aka. Peachie Belle) a 36 year
old QH mare *delights* in doing the same thing whenever she can. 'Twas she
who taught me to *always* wear boots in the stable/pasture! Another of her
"games" is to sneak (try hard to imaging a 1400 lb. QH "sneaking" anywhere!)
up behind me while I'm bent over scrubbing the water tanks out with a brush.
When I'm in just the right position, a nudge from her forehead tips me right
into the murky depths, head first!

She knows she's got a home for life, after helping to put me through school!

Happy Trails,

Patty and The Roan

Rainbow Paso Fino Ranch
4331 Garden Spot Rd.
Clayton, WA 99110

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