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Re: Nutrition yet again ????

Sat, 8 Feb 1997 02:20:18 -0500 (EST)

>From what I have found by talking with a rep from a supplement company..phd..
not salesman.. and what I have read..this month...
The problem with tie-ups with the carbo-loading was the attempt to deplete
the horse..by with-holding carbo from the diet no grain.. then go for about
3 days ? work the horse very hard to deplete the muscles of gycogen... them
pack the carbo to him for 3 days before the race..grain...

WELL it appears this does not work with horses nor as runners are finding
with people. I remember back 15 yrs ago I tried it.. all I did was get
trashed and ran out out of gas at 10 miles into a 15 miler..


Feed normal.. work normal then about 3 to 4 days before the event you want
to super charge the system ..to get all the glygogen into the muscles. ti and
? called it super-compensation I think..anyway you get the point..
dont deplete but super load.. AND you do it with carbo loader..NOT GRAIN.
the GNC Champ HW gainer is just that.
This method does NOT cause a tie up. but gives you more glygogen to burn
during the race.. a fatter tube of toothpaste..

now add to that the concept that increased FAT in a diet will help to prevent
tie up.. studies have shown this to be so..i posted about that ..
The higher fat in the system suggests the horse will burn fat before he uses
all the glygogen.. thus will not be used up.. that is trashed muscles..

as indicated .. keep feeding the carbo-loader for a few days after the race
to provided a source to rebuild faster..feed grain as normal..

this really makes alot of sense to me.. of course for get-arounds like me ,
it most likely does not matter.
But I am going to try it anyway
roger r

nutrition is a subject that never stops.. there is so much that can be
i dont mind talking it about it ..better then non-techie trashing...

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