ridecamp@endurance.net: Nutrition yet again ????

Nutrition yet again ????

Niccolai Murphy (niccom@aerostructures.com)
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 09:15:25 -0800

Susan Milam wrote recently:
SM> We usually give our horses a 4oz dose of GNC's "World Champion Heavy
SM> Weight Gainer" powder mixed like a paste tounteract lactates after a
SM> ride. This helps keep soreness down to a minimum.
SM> Happy Tails,

Tom Ivers wrote sometime ago:
TI> A four-ounce dose of something like Champion Nutrition's Heavy
Weight Gainer,
TI> (use vanilla flavor because the other flavors may contain caffeine)
found at
TI> GNC stores, among others, will cause no problem in the horse. This
dose can
TI> be repeated every 6 hours with no ill effect. This is where I'd
TI> this "fuel" (sugars/Medium Chain Triglycerides) as a supplement
during the
TI> ride, as opposed to a loading process (which would be 4 days of 3 X
4 oz
TI> doses).

Fascinating. Susan, there was a heated debate about glycogen loading and
teh possibility of it causing tie ups. TI had recommended exactly what
you are using as a glycogen source during a ride, but the general
consensus was that there would be an increased risk of tieing up. Have
you ever fed any during a ride?

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