ridecamp@endurance.net: Re:feeding pellets

Re:feeding pellets

Tracy Stampke (zebella@idt.net)
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 21:04:14 -0700

I'm trying again...this has bounced back to me twice now.

So no one out there has any problems feeding hay pellets before or
during competition? One vet (not an edur. vet) told me that feeding
pellets before a ride could cause diminished gut sounds. Anyone know if
this is true? This vet suggested that I soak the pellets to mush before
feeding. The horses would not eat the stuff. Those of you who feed
alfalfa hay....do you get the really green, dairy grade stuff? That's
what's common here. I've just heard so much bad stuff about feeding
alfalfa that I'm a little leary of it. Sure would be alot cheaper
though! Seems like the feeding books disagree as to whether alfalfa is
ok or not. the Lon Lewis book seems to think that it's just fine, but
the Feeding & Nutrition book says no way.

Comments or suggestions?


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