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Re: Pockmarked trails a problem?

Fri, 7 Feb 1997 17:39:27 -0500 (EST)

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<< I wonder about
the hikers and bikers- do they expect a pristine, level, manicured pathway ?
Is the complaint against horses based on pockmarked trails? I think ruts
caused by bikes are just as bad if not worse becasue they can form channels
for water which can erode a path. Can anyone explain what the real gripe
against horses on trails is? Thanks-Amy
I have been told by bikers that hroses are a hazard. i can't fathom that,
since the bikers are the ones terrorizing people on horses, children on
ponies, walkers with babies in strollers, etc. It seem sthat their beef is
that they are forced to comport themselves in a cautious manner (ha ha!)
whereas otherwise tey could be just as footloose and idiotic as they please.
They are not allowed on single track trails out here, yet they come careening
down them regularly and with impunity, with no thought to hikers or riders
who MIGHT be going up or down on those trails - with no where to go.

2 months ago I shook the habd of an officer who ticketed a biker for doing
wheelies up and down the main taril, a single track trail and a dedicated
horse trail. He got 3 citations, then left in a noisy, musical blast of
rubber on the asphalt. Doesn't he have a JOB to go to?

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