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Greenall (greenall@vermontel.com)
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:17:52 +0000

I was asked how to prevent a rodeo when first hobbling. amazing,
most horses just accept it. We always hobbled the horses we were
training to drive, from Friesians to ponies. I put them in an
enclosed area, a ring, paddock, whatever and have lead with a chiain
over their nose (assume that the horse knows what that means). I put
on the hobbles, give them a carrot to munch on and stand close. The
first step gets their attention. I put a carrot on the ground
(assuming that if food is involved, it must be good!). They muddle
around, figure out that somehow I have managed to control their feet
and usually just hang around for me to take them off. I increase
the amount of time in the hobbles and in three sessions, turn them
loose. I had only one horse fall down, and he got right back up and
figured it out. I have hobbled horses that have not been hobbled in
years and they remember it right off. It would seem like it would
drive a horse crazy, but I have found the opposite. The posts about
horses running off in hobbles is quite true, they can move just fine
in them. That is why I have them on a lead their first sessions, so
that they get the idea of control.
John and Sue Greenall

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